Dünya Döner Kebab

275 Ton Daily

Production Capacity

23.000 m2 Production Area

Dünya Döner Kebab having the biggest kebab production facility is the leading company in its own sector and provides services to customers not only within the Europe but also all over the world

27 years experience

With 27 year experiences, Dünya Döner Kebab was established in Poland which presents logical business opportunities for future.

More than 500 workers

Production facilities belong to Dünya Döner Kebab are beginning managed by professional specialist and manager who have more than 15 years experiences in this sector according to halal food procedure and food safety.

Want to be our franchise?

We have 78 franchises all of the world.

Beef Products
Beef Products

Dünya Döner Kebab is to use excellent meat and high quality meat products especially beef kebab.

Chicken Products
Chicken Products

We have the large scale for chicken products as chicken kebab, chicken burger, chicken strip, chicken wings and more...

Turkey Products
Turkey Products

Let's see turkey products with high-quality production standards...

Fish Products
Fish Products

Let's go to the deep into our fish products to catch a new arrived product for you...

Philosophy of production

Our production philosophy as Dünya Döner Kebab is to use excellent meat and high quality meat products.


International food safety and global standards for food safety which are known as IFC and BRC certification most respected certification system in the world.


We render logistic services using the most modern models of cooler vehicles belonging to our company, working down to -18 degrees . 


At Dünya Döner Kebab, during döner production and after the end of it, we conduct numerous inspections to maintain quality.



Not just Kebab

Taking into account traditional taste of carefully selected meat and spices, as a result of mixing in modern, technologically new mixers according to specially prepared recipes, we give an appropriate taste to Dünya Döner. In this area, we show the highest care to expectations of our clients.

High quality ready

Our company focuses considerably on research and development issues. Our factory working in Poland is equipped with machines fulfilling hygienic requirements, having systems developed at the highest technological level.


We do natural food for the world.


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