Unsere Produktionsphilosophie als Dünya Döner Kebab besteht darin, ausgezeichnetes Fleisch und hochwertige Fleischprodukte zu verwenden. Wir kaufen Produkte in Schlachthöfen, die wir sorgfältig ausgewählt haben, und als Ergebnis langwieriger Suche nehmen wir Fleischqualität als Priorität an.

Hähnchen- und Putenfleisch, Kalbfleisch und Rindfleisch, die für die Verwendung in der Produktion in einer Menge von 275 Tonnen pro Tag gekauft werden, werden gründlich analysiert, und die Produktion, Verpackung und der Transport werden gemäß den hygienischen Anforderungen durchgeführt.



Dünya Döner Kebab was established in Poland which presents logical business opportunities for future. Dünya Döner Kebab with the latest technology, offices perfectly designed also appeal to the eye of its partners and customers.

Facility Size

Dünya Döner Kebab having more than 23.000 m2 cover as the biggest kebab production facility is the leading company in its own sector and provides services to customers not only within the Europe but also all over the world with its 27 year experiences.

More then 500 workers

Production facilities belong to Dünya Döner Kebab are beginning managed by professional specialist and manager who have more than 15 years experiences in this sector according to halal food procedure and food safety.


Our superior task is to deliver goods on time and in a way safe to our clients. We render logistic services using the most modern models of cooler vehicles belonging to our company, working down to -18 degrees .

Unsere Vision – Mission & Qualität

Unsere Aufgabe
Our Mission
We would like to satisfy our distributors wish and need by creating stories which people are willing to share with friends. With a highly motivated team, we keep focusing on our strengths to offer a great döner kebab experience. We intend to provide our customers high quality and excellent Service.
Unsere Vision
Our Vision
Our vision is to grow into a known brand for döner kebab products with the concept of distribution to all of the world.
With 27 year experiences, Dünya Döner Kebab was established in Poland which presents logical business opportunities for future.
Our company focuses considerably on research and development issues. Our factory working in Poland is equipped with machines fulfilling hygienic requirements, having systems developed at the highest technological level. Our company meeting all regulations required from organizations producing food according to the Turkish Food Codex performs production under veterinary and medical control, paying particular attention to standards of HACCP food safety management system.


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